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Shri Vinod Aggarwal ji is a well Known Indian artist along with it; he is a spiritual Guru who helps the common man to connect with the divine through his Bhajans & Pravachans.

He sings melodious Bhajans and is the only Bhajan singer in India of a caliber totally uncompared to any one because of his blessed achievement of singing for a nonstop period keeping with the laya and taal. Shifting from one raga to another without any intervals and switching to poetries, lyrics and Pravachans without stopping the music. He takes the audience deep into the divine self.

Shri Vinod Aggarwalji was born on 6th June, 1955 in Delhi. His father Late Shri Kishandas Aggarwal and mother Late Smt. Ratnidevi Aggarwal strongly believed in Lord Krishna and Radha. At the age of seven in 1962 with parents and siblings he migrated to Mumbai from Delhi. His parents always encouraged Bhajans and Kirtans and invited saints and prominent gurus at the business place. By the age of twelve with the blessings of God Vinod ji started singing and learned harmonium all on his own. His father encouraged him to visit different districts and meet people and get them involved in Kirtans amidst criticism.

Vinod ji had finished his schooling and concentrated on his want to sing the praise of God with full devotion and Bhakti. People listening to him experience a great spark in the young boy who could bring the divine aura with his melodious Bhajans and Kirtans. Non stop he sang Radha Madhav kirtans on Janmashtami as well as other festivals like shivratri. After those sessions he got immense confidence and it gave him stamina to conduct uninterrupted long Sankirtan programmes. His Guruji, Late Shri Mukund Hari ji Maharaj of Bhatinda, Punjab also known as Sankirtan Samrat, a well known writer in Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi. Vinod ji took Diksha from his Guru in 1979. He believes his Guru's Blessings bestowed on him on its own and he didn't have to search for his Guru. It was his Guru's deep desire and wish that he would spread Hari Naam Sankirtan all over the world. Making this his aim he started visiting cities, towns, villages different parts of India by conducting direct live programmes since 1995 without charging any fees.

He believes firmly that all his success is due to the blessings of his Guru. Since 1978 he has been conducting Hari Naam Sankirtan at the Kalbadevi Gaddi of his elder brother on every Sunday from 10.00 am to 12:30pm; in his absence due to programmes his younger brother continues who is also very regular. He does not know how many programmes he must have done but as per record kept 760 programmes has been successfully completed CD's, VCD's and audio cassettes 80 on the list. All his recordings are done directly without any retakes except for some musical instruments editing. His recording can be viewed globally on every day basis through various TV channel's and local cable networks.Shri Vinod Aggarwalji is always fond of audiences who prefer to forget themselves, their status and ego and get involved in his Kirtans because he is a believer that the time one takes out for Kirtan should be utilized totally in devotion of God and then only one's Atma (soul) can merge with Parmatma the Supreme power. Not only in India but Shri Vinod Aggarwalji has traveled far across the world where many of his admirers, devotees have come in huge numbers to attend his programmes and hear to his melodious Bhajans, Sankirtans as well as Pravachans. He has traveled U.K, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore and Dubai.He is a miracle to India and the world in general with a voice making us feel the divine and bringing us closer to the divine presence not only around us but also within us. Shri Vinod ji sings Bhajans with his heart and his soul, that's why the music is soulful and brings the divinity, peace and joy as we hear him. By listening to his Bhajans every individual easily can help himself to come out of all his/her life depressions and problems. Shri Vinodji's soothing melodious Bhajans & Sankirtan fills every heart with happiness and joy.

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