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माया क्या है.

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2011-08-16 09:38:42 By Gulshan Piplani

मायापति की शरण में पहुँच ही हुआ उद्धार| और कोई नहीं माया से सकता हमें उभार|

2011-08-14 17:15:24 By Rajender Kumar Mehra

devi puraan ya devi bhagwat ne mool bhagwati ko maana hai isliye vo maya nahi hai maya hai unke swarup jo unse prakat hui hain jaise vishnu jee ke sang lakshmi jee, shanakr jee ke sang paarvati jee aise hi krishn sang radhika jee ab mool shakti ka naam devi puraan aur devi bhagwat me alag alag hai devi puran me kaali ka swarup hain aur devi bhagwat me to swyam radha jee hain.....radhe radhe

2011-08-13 22:29:56 By Waste Sam

radhey radhey.. i completely connect to what is to be conveyed but i would like to add here one more thing... as per bahgwati puran goddesses are maya who keeps even tridev under there spell, so worshiping them also relives us from maya... like we can go in sharan of radha rani and can get rid of maya (as she is god of maya) and she gives bhakti for bhagwan krishna.. jai shri radhey

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